Chemical Formula: Ca2NaH(SiO3)3

Chemical Formula: Ca2NaH(SiO3)3


Larimar is an extremely rare mineral found only in the Dominican Republic within dormant volcanic vents. The robins egg blue color is caused by the presence of copper, and the occasional red dendrite caused by Hematite. Although only discovered about 40 years ago, Larimar is currently one of the most desired stones.

In 1974, Norman Rilling, a member of the U.S. Peace Corps, and Miguel Méndez, a Dominican found pieces of Larimar on the seashore. The word Larimar was created by Mendez, who combined his daughter’s name Larissa with the Spanish world for sea, Mar. Before Mendez and Rilling, local inhabitants of the region and their ancestors had long been aware of the stone. Early theories suggested the sea produced Larimar, later by the earth’s volcanic movements. Island legends said that the stones could be collected easily on the beach, but one day there were no more blue Larimar stones left. Locals explored upstream and found a rock formation, which appeared to be the source of the blue stone. This legend holds truth; Mendez and Rilling in 1974 would follow a river upstream and find sources of the blue stone.

Metaphysical Properties

Larimar is known as the stone of the mother. It encourages compassion, communication and ability to nurture. Carrying or wearing Larimar will enhance these traits not only for mothers, but for all individuals.