k2 Stone

Discovered recently, K2 is an eclectic and odd looking stone.  It is a form of Granite Gneiss however contains spherical, bright blue spots riddled all over.  Named after the rock formation it is exclusively found on, the K2 mountains of Pakistan- an extremely remote area of the world.  K2 is also known as “Blue Berry Jasper”.  Most likely due to weathering and erosion brought on by glaciers that carved the K2 mountains, a now “erased” layer of copper-carbonate rich stratigraphic layer only left its mark by staining the Granite below it, and that is the Azurite and sometimes Malachite occurrence.  K2 is a great stone for any rock lover and is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece of mysterious geologic history!

Metaphysical Properties

K2 is a great stone to practice spirituality.  As it is a rock, not a mineral, it contains many components that give it an edge when comparing it to other crystals.  It has the properties of grounding with iron-rich minerals, the clairvoyance and focus of Quartz, the gentle healing vibes of Feldspar along with the divination and receptivity of Azurite!  Azurite is perhaps the best stone for chasing run-off thought processes, and is used in physical healing.