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New England’s Favorite Jewelry & Crystal shop!

Village Silversmith is a family-owned business with a history that starts in the beautiful seaside village of Rockport, MA. The life-long interest of minerals, fossils, stone cutting, and silversmithing running through the Bajoras family led to the opening of their first retail location in Rockport in the early 1990s.

Since then, Village Silversmith has grown from a small family business to a company that employs over fifty people. Within ten years of opening their doors in Rockport, the company had opened seven additional locations, including a second location in Rockport. Scattered across the North Shore and into southern New Hampshire, each of our retail locations has varying specialties and their own distinct feel created by our stores’ atmospheres and knowledgable, friendly staff. 

We have also continued to grow as a company on the wholesale side of our business. Village Silversmith is known as the largest importer of rocks, minerals, and fossils on the East Coast. Our stock comes from all over the world, from South American countries to Asia and Africa, as well. We sell at over twenty-five trade shows and festivals a year (check out our trade show schedule here), and provide a large wholesale and retail inventory with an incomparable selection of our famous quality stone cabochons and beads. We are also members of both the AGTA (American Gem & Trade Association) and the MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America).

Our Products and Services

Our company offers a range of services for our customers to take advantage of, in order to keep their jewelry looking its best for years to come. Stop by any of our locations for a complimentary cleaning of any sterling silver jewelry purchased from Village Silversmith. We also offer in-store services for simple repairs of jewelry purchased from us, such as broken clasps. If we cannot take care of the repair in-store, we can send your item to our warehouse, where one of our in-house silversmiths can assess the repairs needed and do whatever they can to repair your piece.

We also sell silver-cleaning products, so you can clean your jewelry at home without having to make a trip to our stores. We sell the same products that we use in-store to clean both our customer’s jewelry and our own stock. Wright’s Silver Cream, perfect for silver and non-organic stones, and Sunshine cloths, perfect for pieces with organic stone such as turquoise or pearls, are available at any of our locations. Further instructions about how to use these products are available on our Customer Service page.