Druzy is not specifically a stone but is in fact a textural name given to sub-microscopic crystals.  When crystals grow and cool rapidly, they don’t have enough time to create large and substantial crystals.  This results in small, glittery facets.  Almost any mineral can have a Druzy texture, most commonly found in Quartz geodes.  This beautiful occurrence can only be made in nature as there are too many details in the facets of each individual crystal to be replicated- making Druzy a special and eye-catching phenomena!

Metaphysical Properties

As mentioned on the previous side, Druzy can not be tied to any single stone, but the vibrations given from a blanket of baby crystals is very soothing.  Think of an orchestra of crystals, each resonating with the same frequency.  Although the pull of one individual facet is minuet- when working together, the frequency is steady, stable and constant.  The type of crystal will determine its properties.